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About Us

Welcome to Pour Your Own Epoxy, the educational division of Midwest Woodturners. Specializing in introductory-level epoxy workshops held at diverse venues, we are dedicated to guiding and instructing participants in the art of epoxy resin applications. As the primary finishing shop for the southern half of the United States, Pour Your Own Epoxy Miami is at the forefront of providing high-quality epoxy finishing services for projects based in Florida and beyond.

Our engaging 90-120 minute sessions begin with a comprehensive 30-minute educational lecture, which cover the wood processing, epoxy application, and finishing labor. Participants then embark on a hands-on journey, choosing from a vibrant array of colors, mixing their own epoxy, and witnessing a detailed demonstration that guides them through every step of the process.

At our woodworking shop in Miami after classes, our skilled craftsmen bring each project to life, ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship. Completed projects are either shipped directly to participants or made available for convenient pick-up at the original class location approximately 2-3 weeks later depending on the specific class. This additional timeframe allows for proper curing and finishing processes.